PAINT BY MURDERS - a Harrisburg Homicide Mystery

E3: PAINT BY MURDERS - Chapters 6-8

October 31, 2023 M. Travis DiNicola Season 1 Episode 3
PAINT BY MURDERS - a Harrisburg Homicide Mystery
E3: PAINT BY MURDERS - Chapters 6-8
Show Notes

Paint by Murders is an original, as of yet unpublished, mystery novel. It is the first in a series of Harrisburg Homicides. It is written, hosted, and narrated by M. Travis DiNicola.

This third podcast episode includes chapters six through eight - Out for a walk on a crisp fall day, Keith and Ginger run into Jane, who invites them back to her house. There they are overwhelmed by her contemporary art collection, including a brick Alan Moonshine used in a performance, which Jane now uses for a doorstop, which supposedly makes it worth a quarter of a million dollars. When Jane shows off a strange room dedicated to just her husband’s photographs Keith becomes dizzy, and very tired. Keith has a mild form of narcolepsy which he often struggles with.  Later, Keith and Ginger are invited to her boss's house for dinner.

Overview: The Capital city and its art galleries, bars, restaurants, and long-held secrets are featured in this cozy-inspired mystery that is as unpredictable as the mighty Susquehanna River it sits on.

When painter Keith Reed stumbles across a dead body in a Harrisburg bookstore, he doesn’t yet know that the victim was bludgeoned with an autographed brick once used in a work by the internationally famous “bad boy” artist Alan Moonshine. Moonshine has been dead for ten years, but his dangerous legacy pushes Keith and his wife, Ginger, to try to paint a picture of what happened before anyone else is murdered, or before Keith’s narcolepsy catches him napping at the worst possible moment. 

After a local art gallery recreates a few of Moonshine’s outrageous performances, the actor who portrayed Moonshine is arrested for the crime. Keith suspects that the real killer is still on the loose in this river town: a theory that proves true when a second body is found, floating in the Susquehanna. 

Like any good amateur detective mystery there are cats, detailed descriptions of gourmet meals, unique locations, and a quirky community. However, there are also “recreations” of Alan Moonshine’s most important performances, thought-provoking observations about the contemporary art world, and genre-bending moments that bring this story alive.

Each episode of this podcast, dropping once a week, will feature subsequent installments from the novel.

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